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While many people allow fear to hold them back from making drastic career changes later in life, singer-songwriter Eden Moody ("EM") is doing just the opposite. Born in Argentina, raised in Brazil, and currently living in the United States, EM has performed at VIP pre-shows for some of the biggest names in music, all while being supported by a devoted global fan base that joined forces to raise more than ten-thousand dollars to help her record her debut album with top musicians in Nashville."The songs on my first album were simply me trying to sort out all my emotional and religious baggage and find meaning in some crazy life experiences" says EM. A third-culture kid (daughter of former missionaries) at a crossroads - both seeking a new direction in life and starting over in the aftermath of a separation - EM had turned to music, not only to support her and her children by performing on the streets of Sao Paulo, but also for emotional support.The result?A unique blend of country and pop with South American influence, EM's self titled debut album is a powerful journey of self discovery, personal empowerment, and finding one's place of belonging.Today the Leavenworth (WA) based music artist continues to endear fans with exclusive releases, house concerts, and private events.
Offstage, she can be found interacting with her EMpowered Tribe - a private online community she describes as “gypsy souls joined by a shared love of cowboy boots, meaningful music, and conscious living”.

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“Life is bearable when you have someone to write, and someone who writes you back. Even if it's just one person.” ― Eunjin Jang

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